What is a Topsoil Screener?

A topsoil screener is a device that sorts out and separates ground material such as soils, rocks, sand, compost, dirt and garden debris so that the material can be reclaimed and reused.

There are two basic kinds of topsoil, rock, dirt screeners – manual and vibratory. The most popular manual screener design is a simple box screener. A box or container is covered with a screen and, while someone shakes the box, dirt material falls through into the box and capturing larger material on top of the screen.  For archeologists this is a good screener but for larger jobs a vibratory screener is more useful..

Vibrating soil screeners all have a mechanism that shakes screens of various sizes as the material is fed over the feed hopper. Gravity does most of the work as soils fall one way and rocks and larger debris falls off another. There are 2-product and 3-product soil screeners – some screener units have conveyor belts to separate the material into three different sizes.

There are also stationary and portable topsoil screeners,  For quarry jobs the screener is placed in one spot for logistics. However, portable topsoil screeners that need to be moved around smaller jobs in landscaping, construction and excavation have become more popular and available. And affordable.

An example of such portable vibratory topsoil screening equipment are the OMH series of Portable Vibratory Grizzly (PVG) models. The PVG-12V, also known as the “Green Giant”, is one of six models ranging in price from $6599 for PVG-12V  to $18,500 for the PVG-C120 3-product screener.

All OMH soil, rock, dirt screeners are designed for use with skidsteers, bucket tractors, backhoes and wheel loaders with buckets up to 3yds. They are compact and portable. The PVG-12V is specifically constructed to fit sideways on your trailer so that you can transport your screener and machine at the same time.

The primary purpose of a topsoil, rock, dirt, gravel, compost screener is to separate out and reclaim materials that can be used and/or sold.  For more information about OMH PVG soil screeners call Brad at 509-264-1129. Visit http://www.omhproscreen.com or our new website http://topsoilscreeners.net

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OMH ProScreen manufactures and sells affordable, compact, portable topsoil, rock, dirt screeners for landscaping, construction and excavation. Recycle, reclaim and reuse ground material for green building.