New topsoil screeners for 2015

Topsoil Screener 60V

The DeSite SLG-60V topsoil screener is designed for compact bucket tractors and smaller skid steers.  The screen deck is 58″ wide by 72″ deep.  The total screening surface is 21 sq/ft. The 110 volt vibratory system has a rpm of 3000 and helps move and break up screening material.  The deck angle is adjusted by using the bucket.

Topsoil Screener for sale.

The DeSite SLG-78VF-II topsoil screener is designed for tractors, skidsteers and loaders. The screen deck is 88″ wide by 58″ long.  The total  screening surface is 28 sq/ft. It comes with the DeSite Vibratory System and Feed deflector.  Screen wet soils with the screen deck at the 45 degree position.  Screen dry material with the deck any where between 22 degrees and 35 degrees for max efficiency.  Changing the screen deck takes less then 3 minutes.  The feeder deflects material from the bucket to the screen deck.  Bigger material, rocks, cement, sticks, debris, construction waste, can pass through when the feed deflector swings out of the way.  Mesh sizes range from 1/8″ to 4″


3 Product Topsoil Screener OMH ProScreen, Inc. USA PVG-C120

Topsoil screener model PVG-C120 3-product, portable, affordable

OMH ProScreen, Inc. USA topsoil screener PVG-C120 being fed by a wheel loader.

Screens three products – front, back and side.

Works with buckets up to 3 yards

4×10 screen deck. 10 ft scalping screen. Weighs 2600 lbs.

The PVG-C120 is designed to be fed with skidsteers, bucket tractors, backhoes and rubber tire wheel loaders.  It will produce 40 to 60 yards per hour depending on the size of your bucket and the screen.

Watch video of PVG-C120 topsoil screener:

Price  $18,400 USD (riser box included)

For more information call Brad or Darren toll free 1-877-254-7903 or visit  You may also email