Gaining the Bidding Advantage

Most everyone wants to be good to our environment, especially when it saves them money.

It is a great selling point, when during the bidding process you can to tell your prospective client about the money that you are going to save them through onsite recycling. While they are saving money with recycling their onsite rock and soil, you are getting more billable hours with your machine.

Having the DeSite SLG-78VF-5 portable screener onsite is going to make your company environmentally responsible while looking progressively professional.

The DeSite SLG-78 is designed to be fed with buckets up to 78 inches. The SLG-78 loads crossways on you trailer using less that 48 inches of deck space, leaving room for your excavation machinery.

Begin onsite screen and recycling today for only $5,295

We are so confident that you are going to love this “Made for America” screener that we offer our “Quality Assured Money Back Guarantee”

See the DeSite SLG-78 in action on You Tube. Just type DeSite SLG-78 in the search bar.

Contact us regarding the many mesh sizes the SLG-78 can be fitted with.

We look forward to answering any question that you may have.