New Topsoil Screener for 2017

slg_78vf_5.gifYou wanted a low cost, entry level, medium production, portable vibratory screener, therefore we went to work  designing and building one for you

The DeSite SLG-78Vf-5 topsoil screener is designed for bucket tractors and skid steers.  The screen deck is 80″ wide by 52″ deep.  The total screening surface is 29 sq/ft. The 110 volt vibratory system has a rpm of 3600 and helps move and break up screening material.  The deck angle is easily adjusted to control the material flow.  Different deck angles are used for wet and dry material.  The mesh is easily changed out and with a large variety of mesh sizes and patterns you’ll be sure to find one that produces the product sizes you want.

Constructed for skidsteers, bucket tractors and compact loaders with up to 78″ buckets, this heavy duty vibratory screener weighs 2000 lbs and is manufactured out of 3/16 plate with 1/4″ reinforcing. This unit was designed at only 96 inches in width so that it can be loaded cross ways on your trailer along with your machine.

Screening and recycling sand, soils, gravels and various other products is not a problem for the DeSite SLG-78Vf-5. This unit can be fitted with 13 additional screens from 1/4 inch up to 4 inches.  The slope of the screen deck can be easily modified.  In addition, there is the option to purchase a riser box and a 25ft 10 gauge twist lock power cord.

Reclaim. Recycle. Reuse.

Reclaim. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce waste by using recycled ground materials

We endorse “Reclaim. Recycle. Reuse”. Reduce waste by using recycled ground materials.

Green Building is not just a building that is the color green, it means a way of construction, landscaping and excavation that keeps waste to a minimum and everything that can be used and reused is.

It is a set of priorities that matches the need to save money and the need to watch what we dump into our land-fills. Perfectly good material is thrown away by the tens of tons because it is deemed too expensive in labor costs to reclaim.  There is a booming secondary market reclaiming and reselling various items and materials once considered waste.

We’ve heard much about our carbon footprint.  A building or structure has a foot-print as well.  Most important, an energy-conserved and occupant-friendly design and use of existing natural features saves money and earns respect.

New topsoil screeners for 2015

Topsoil Screener 60V

The DeSite SLG-60V topsoil screener is designed for compact bucket tractors and smaller skid steers.  The screen deck is 58″ wide by 72″ deep.  The total screening surface is 21 sq/ft. The 110 volt vibratory system has a rpm of 3000 and helps move and break up screening material.  The deck angle is adjusted by using the bucket.

Topsoil Screener for sale.

The DeSite SLG-78VF-II topsoil screener is designed for tractors, skidsteers and loaders. The screen deck is 88″ wide by 58″ long.  The total  screening surface is 28 sq/ft. It comes with the DeSite Vibratory System and Feed deflector.  Screen wet soils with the screen deck at the 45 degree position.  Screen dry material with the deck any where between 22 degrees and 35 degrees for max efficiency.  Changing the screen deck takes less then 3 minutes.  The feeder deflects material from the bucket to the screen deck.  Bigger material, rocks, cement, sticks, debris, construction waste, can pass through when the feed deflector swings out of the way.  Mesh sizes range from 1/8″ to 4″

Gaining the Bidding Advantage

Most everyone wants to be good to our environment, especially when it saves them money.

It is a great selling point, when during the bidding process you can to tell your prospective client about the money that you are going to save them through onsite recycling. While they are saving money with recycling their onsite rock and soil, you are getting more billable hours with your machine.

Having the DeSite SLG-78VF-5 portable screener onsite is going to make your company environmentally responsible while looking progressively professional.

The DeSite SLG-78 is designed to be fed with buckets up to 78 inches. The SLG-78 loads crossways on you trailer using less that 48 inches of deck space, leaving room for your excavation machinery.

Begin onsite screen and recycling today for only $5,295

We are so confident that you are going to love this “Made for America” screener that we offer our “Quality Assured Money Back Guarantee”

See the DeSite SLG-78 in action on You Tube. Just type DeSite SLG-78 in the search bar.

Contact us regarding the many mesh sizes the SLG-78 can be fitted with.

We look forward to answering any question that you may have.

Why DeSite Topsoil Screeners?

Good Cents Turn into Dollars for You!

Have you ever been out doing a landscape or dirt excavation quote, knowing that you were going to have to bid the job tight to get the go ahead from the customer? In our current economy this is happening more often than not. In many cases even though your customers want the work done they have to be more frugal than ever before.

With fuel costs, tires, insurance, depreciation, repairs, your valuable time, and our wonderful state and county commercial enforcement, we must ask ourselves the question:  HOW MUCH MONEY AM I REALLY MAKING HAULING DIRT AROUND?

As the excavation industry has made the transition to becoming more compact and efficient, DeSite has done the same. We recognize that our customers are using smaller equipment, transporting on smaller trailers, and working in more confined areas. We also understand that towing a pull behind screener to a job to screen and recycle 200 yards or less does not make financial sense. Going back to the shop to get a screener cost money and, most of all, takes up valuable time from your day.

Here is how DeSite can turn your good cents into dollars for you.

  • Imagine having the ability to screen and recycle on every job whether it is 5 or 105 yards.
  • Imagine the ability to load this screener on the same trailer along with your skidsteer all at the same time.
  • Imagine taking less that 2 minutes to unload the screen and be screening.Imagine changing from a soil to a rock screen size in less than 10 minutes.
  • Image buying this DeSite SLG-78 for only $5,295.

This is how DeSite is turning GOOD CENTS INTO DOLLARS FOR YOU.


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Topsoil Screeners for Sale

IMG_2433.jpgThrough the fusion of ideas and technology, DeSite commits itself to manufacturing portable vibratory soil and rock screening systems at common sense prices.

Innovation, quality, and affordability are first and foremost at DeSite.

Our streamlined manufacturing and direct to customer approach allow DeSite to offer blue ribbon quality at blue collar prices.