Recycling Soil for Landscaping

When excavation for the construction of a building begins, deep gouges of ground aggregate are scooped out and, typically, loaded onto trucks and hauled to a dump somewhere. The Green Builder understands that the onsite screening of soil aggregate – topsoil, dirt, rock, gravel and sand – not only serves an environmental use but saves money.

In recent years, the popularity, benefits and importance of roof gardens has caught the public’s attention. Properly designed and constructed to support the load, a building’s value is increased for having a roof garden – tangible and intangible.

Everyone can relate to the peace and calm that one experiences in a garden. A quiet place to retreat in a very busy world – maybe the sound of water moving in the background from a water feature. It’s the place employees eat ther lunch, take their breaks and their work is better for it.

A roof garden can also support food-growing as its purpose which benefits not only the employees and building occupants, but conceivably the neighborhood and, thinking big, the community.

A properly designed and constructed roof garden takes more time and effort but one task is easily solved – OMH ProScreen has created soil aggregate screener products that separates soil, topsoil, rock, gravel, dirt and sand. Innovatively designed, the screeners can be attached to bobcats, skid steers, backhoes and front loaders. They are specifically designed for compact use where space is an issue. OMH ProScreen has versatile models for the job at hand.

Green Builders understand the value of recycling and land reclamation. With fuel costs and rising dumping fees affecting the bottom line, soil aggregate screeners for recycling is quickly becoming an important and necessary piece of equipment in the construction, excavation and landscaping business.


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