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DeSite topsoil screeners separate soils, rocks, sand, dirt, gravel, compost to reclaim, recycle, reuse ground materials for landscaping or resale.

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Topsoil Screeners for Sale

IMG_2433.jpgThrough the fusion of ideas and technology, DeSite commits itself to manufacturing portable vibratory soil and rock screening systems at common sense prices.

Innovation, quality, and affordability are first and foremost at DeSite.

Our streamlined manufacturing and direct to customer approach allow DeSite to offer blue ribbon quality at blue collar prices.


How a Topsoil, Rock, Dirt, Sand Screener Can Make You New Money

“Landscape and excavation contractors are taking economic matters into their own hands. When times are tough, innovators always rise to the top. Here at IDM our customers are creating their own stimulus through on-site soil and rock recycling and reclamation. Integrating our economical vibratory screeners has allowed them to lower their bid pricing, while increasing their bottom-line profitability.

Usually contractors look upon other companies working in the same line of work as competitors. But in these leaner times we have been astonished at how many contractors have joined forces by going in together on the purchase of one of our portable vibratory screening and recycling plants.

In many cases, two contractors are each putting in 1750.00 and taking advantage of our 0% interest 50/50 financing. With 12 equal payments of 138.00, they now have the capability to screen and recycle at home or right at the work site.

Call us today, let us show you how inexpensive and profitable, owning aDeSite portable vibratory screener can be.” Brad, IDM, Inc.

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Topsoil Screener – Satisfied Customer

From Terry Dugas

“I called Darren to tell him that the PVG-12V topsoil screener I purchased from OMH ProScreen inc USA is an amazing piece of equipment. I had my doubts but the PVG-12V has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I might be able to screen about 50% of the ground material Darren said it would do; instead it does 150% more. OMH Proscreen really undersells the PVG 12V .  I make utilities bedding, then rock, then loam on the surface. Since using this screener I do not have to buy out any material.

The most amazing thing about the PVG-12V is its portability and compact size. It fits on my trailer along with my skid steer. It is so easy to pick up and move around to where I need it. I take it to small yards and it has consistently saved me money. When I have a large screening job it is perfect because in just seconds I can work anywhere on the site by moving the screener.

I was told that the screener could very well pay for itself the first summer. My screener has already paid for itself in one month of using it. I never realized how much aggregate and soil is wasted by hauling off what we dug up and hauling new material in . Now screening it myself saves me money and time.

The design of this screener is well-suited to my needs. No engine to oil or worry about overheating and best of all no grease fittings – it is maintenance free .   This screening plant does what a $20,000 screening plant can do. Even better. It only took me 5 minutes to change out screens. In my opinion, this screener is worth more and is simple and easy to use with great production.

I am extremely satisfied with my use of the PVG-12V topsoil screener. It is just amazing what this topsoil screener can do.

Anyone interested in purchasing the PVG-12V topsoil screener may call me for information. I’d be glad to share my experience using this great  equipment.”

Terry Dugas
TDC Excavating LLC
Taftville, Connecticut

Topsoil Screener PVG-12V-7ft

The PVG-12V 7 ft soil screener model, aka The Green Giant, is only $6599!  Sold Out.

Topsoil screener PVG-12V 7 footThe PVG-12V 7 ft topsoil screener is worlds most portable, compact and affordable soil, rock, dirt, sand, compost screener. This portable vibratory screener uses 12 volt deep cycle batteries to power our 4000 rpm vibratory motor. Our center pivoting spring loaded screen deck measures 4 ft x 7 ft, moving up and down 3 inches, while moving back 1 inch creating a reversed vibratory shake action.

Constructed for skidsteers, bucket tractors and compact loaders with up to 78″ buckets, this heavy duty vibratory screener weighs 1500 lbs and is manufactured out of 3/16 plate with 1/4″ reinforcing. This unit was designed at only 90 inches in width so that it can be loaded cross ways on your trailer along with your machine.

Screening and recycling sand, soils, gravels and various other products is not a problem for the PVG-12V 7ft. This unit can be fitted with 10 additional screens from 1/4 inch up to 6 inches. It also has an adjustable leg kit so that the slope of the screen deck can be easily modified. In addition, there is the option to purchase an extra battery and battery box to extend your screener run time to 11 hours.

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