Why DeSite Topsoil Screeners?

Good Cents Turn into Dollars for You!

Have you ever been out doing a landscape or dirt excavation quote, knowing that you were going to have to bid the job tight to get the go ahead from the customer? In our current economy this is happening more often than not. In many cases even though your customers want the work done they have to be more frugal than ever before.

With fuel costs, tires, insurance, depreciation, repairs, your valuable time, and our wonderful state and county commercial enforcement, we must ask ourselves the question:  HOW MUCH MONEY AM I REALLY MAKING HAULING DIRT AROUND?

As the excavation industry has made the transition to becoming more compact and efficient, DeSite has done the same. We recognize that our customers are using smaller equipment, transporting on smaller trailers, and working in more confined areas. We also understand that towing a pull behind screener to a job to screen and recycle 200 yards or less does not make financial sense. Going back to the shop to get a screener cost money and, most of all, takes up valuable time from your day.

Here is how DeSite can turn your good cents into dollars for you.

  • Imagine having the ability to screen and recycle on every job whether it is 5 or 105 yards.
  • Imagine the ability to load this screener on the same trailer along with your skidsteer all at the same time.
  • Imagine taking less that 2 minutes to unload the screen and be screening.Imagine changing from a soil to a rock screen size in less than 10 minutes.
  • Image buying this DeSite SLG-78 for only $5,295.

This is how DeSite is turning GOOD CENTS INTO DOLLARS FOR YOU.


Toll free  877-254-7903

Visit OMHProScreen.com or TopsoilScreeners.net


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