How a Topsoil, Rock, Dirt, Sand Screener Can Make You New Money

“Landscape and excavation contractors are taking economic matters into their own hands. When times are tough, innovators always rise to the top. Here at IDM our customers are creating their own stimulus through on-site soil and rock recycling and reclamation. Integrating our economical vibratory screeners has allowed them to lower their bid pricing, while increasing their bottom-line profitability.

Usually contractors look upon other companies working in the same line of work as competitors. But in these leaner times we have been astonished at how many contractors have joined forces by going in together on the purchase of one of our portable vibratory screening and recycling plants.

In many cases, two contractors are each putting in 1750.00 and taking advantage of our 0% interest 50/50 financing. With 12 equal payments of 138.00, they now have the capability to screen and recycle at home or right at the work site.

Call us today, let us show you how inexpensive and profitable, owning aDeSite portable vibratory screener can be.” Brad, IDM, Inc.

For more information, call us at 509-292-8423, or toll free at 1-877-254-7903.

For topsoil screener rentals in your area visit or check out DeSite, Inc. Income Opportunity here:


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