Topsoil Screener – Satisfied Customer

From Terry Dugas

“I called Darren to tell him that the PVG-12V topsoil screener I purchased from OMH ProScreen inc USA is an amazing piece of equipment. I had my doubts but the PVG-12V has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I might be able to screen about 50% of the ground material Darren said it would do; instead it does 150% more. OMH Proscreen really undersells the PVG 12V .  I make utilities bedding, then rock, then loam on the surface. Since using this screener I do not have to buy out any material.

The most amazing thing about the PVG-12V is its portability and compact size. It fits on my trailer along with my skid steer. It is so easy to pick up and move around to where I need it. I take it to small yards and it has consistently saved me money. When I have a large screening job it is perfect because in just seconds I can work anywhere on the site by moving the screener.

I was told that the screener could very well pay for itself the first summer. My screener has already paid for itself in one month of using it. I never realized how much aggregate and soil is wasted by hauling off what we dug up and hauling new material in . Now screening it myself saves me money and time.

The design of this screener is well-suited to my needs. No engine to oil or worry about overheating and best of all no grease fittings – it is maintenance free .   This screening plant does what a $20,000 screening plant can do. Even better. It only took me 5 minutes to change out screens. In my opinion, this screener is worth more and is simple and easy to use with great production.

I am extremely satisfied with my use of the PVG-12V topsoil screener. It is just amazing what this topsoil screener can do.

Anyone interested in purchasing the PVG-12V topsoil screener may call me for information. I’d be glad to share my experience using this great  equipment.”

Terry Dugas
TDC Excavating LLC
Taftville, Connecticut


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