What you need to know before buying a topsoil screener

There are six things you need to consider before purchasing a topsoil screener.

Topsoil screener model SLG-108RB, portable and affordable
DeSite Topsoil Screener SLG-108RB

1) What kinds of jobs do you intend to do?

2) What kinds of materials are you going to screen?

3) How much money do you want to spend?

4) What kind of machine do you have? Skidsteer, backhoe, bucket tractor, front-loader, etc.?

5) What kind of hourly production do you expect?

6) How important is portability and compact size?

There are many topsoil screeners widely varying in size and price for sale on the Internet. Before making any major purchase it’s best to do your research.  Answer the questions above and you will know the specifications for the topsoil screener best suited for your needs.

Check out topsoil screeners by OMH ProScreen inc. USA . There are 7 screener models to choose from, one to fit every job, big or small, and every budget. The SLG-78VF is only $5295.

The SLG series of soil screeners can separate out soils, rocks, dirt, compost, gravel, sand, wood chips, garden debris and more. Hourly production depends upon the size of your bucket (how much you can feed the screener in one pass), the moisture content of the materials being screened, the size of the woven screen and the distance you have to travel back and forth to your screener.

For vibratory soil screeners the size of the screener used is important. The SLG line of topsoil screeners have 14 screen sizes available from 5/32 of an inch to 4 inches. Changing out screens can be an annoying task with other screener models. The SLG screens can be swapped out by one person in about five minutes.

For portability the SLG soil screeners win hands-down. Designed to be picked up and moved around on the job site with your skid-steer’s (or whatever machine you use) blade or lifting lugs it can be taken where it is needed. The SLG 68 and 78 were specifically constructed to fit sideways on your trailer along with your machine saving time and travel.

Seeing is believing. Check out videos and photos of the PVG series of topsoil screeners here http://www.topsoilscreenersbyomh.com or http://www.omhproscreen.com

Or call us toll free 1-877-254-7903. Email info @idmcabc.com. Have your list handy.



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